Natural Hair Growth Tip - Take Care of Your Hair

Hair Loss - Hair Care Tips
By Stephanie McIntyre

No matter how much hair you have on your head (short of being completely bald); and whether you’re experiencing hair loss or not; it’s worthwhile to take the best care of your hair that you can. And while it is important to do this, doing too much of it can be worse than not doing enough.

It would seem that by now, there’d be no mysteries surrounding correct hair care techniques for everyone to use. After all, we’ve been in pursuit of beautiful hair for almost all of human history. But women (and men) struggle with this today as much as they ever have. It seems that for many people, there is no easy way to discern best way to care for hair. Add to that the fact that many hairstyles and hair styling techniques put a lot of stress on the hair, and you can see why the easy answer to hair care eludes many of us.

People have been fighting the battle for beautiful hair for millennia. Some have had to endure vermin infested coifs or wigs; while others have gone so far as to shave the head and cover it with wigs in an effort to achieve the perfection they sought.

We’re still greatly influenced by fashion and the latest hair trends. But when these latest fads require that we damage our hair, in order to get the look we desire, we should take a step back from the process and ask ourselves, “is it worth permanent damage to our hair to satisfy a passing fancy”. We can’t trade our head of hair in for a whole new one. There are treatments and techniques that can cause damage to hair and scalp that are non-reversible.

As for styling, you’re always going to better off in the long run choosing styles and products that do the least amount of damage. Chemical and heat straighteners and other harsh methods and products should be used sparingly if at all. If your hair is of the type that’s naturally curly or kinky, trying to maintain a straightened look will ultimately weaken the hair possibly to the point of fallout. And styles that require a significant amount of tension in the hair, like very tight braids or pigtails, can result in a permanent type of hair loss called traction alopecia. That’s where the hair follicle is permanently damaged because of constant pulling and tension over long periods of time. While this condition may be reversible if caught early, waiting too long will render it permanent.

Combing and brushing hair can damage, too, it if it’s overdone. This is especially so for those who have hair types that are difficult to pass a comb through easily. When this happens, the hair is broken off because it catches in the comb. If done too often, hair is broken off at a greater rate than it grows, resulting in the phenomenon of a person who isn’t going bald, but whose hair is getting shorter.

In general, use hair care products and treatments sparingly. And damage from overuse applies to coloring as much as anything. Hair should be in healthy condition before hair coloring is done, otherwise the damage to the hair from using these chemicals too much can be irreversible. Keep blow dryers a safe distance from the hair (at least 8 inches) and don’t overuse. And don’t glom on gels and oils on your hair. The less you work it, the healthier your hair will ultimately be.

Of course, it’s important to wash your hair, but even that can be done to excess. Too much washing and the natural oils (sebum) that the scalp produces to lubricate the hair and keep it shiny (and beautiful) can be stripped from it. When washing the hair, especially if it’s long, wash all of it but focus on the hair closest to the scalp, as this is the least likely to be stripped dry. This will use the cleaning powers of shampoo where it’s most needed - and get rid of the dirt, pollutants and build of hair care products closest to the scalp. The longer, end part of the hair will not be rendered dry and brittle by this technique.

Concentrate conditioning at the end of the hair, as this is the area most likely to need it. Again, while you should condition all of the hair, use it sparingly and focus on the part of the hair that needs it most.

Finally, to keep hair looking it’s best, it should be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks. This will get rid of the split ends, which are often dry as well as damaged. This will add immensely to the overall health and appearance of your hair.

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